Addmission OPen

Achieving New Zenith in academics is not elementary but motivation is a key to achieve your target and if you determined, diligent teachers than there is No Problem! the studious effort of all the subjective teachers made possible to achieve my goals
Moaz Siddiqui (Batch 2018-19)

Coming to WHSS was an eye opening experience about what studies in Pakistan meant. Although there were times that were rough, in the end we all came out strong through tears, laughter and much more what mattered the most was that we all succeeded in the end
Alina Asif Batch (2018-19)

From being an introvert to a Guinness World record holder, WHSS has played a major role in making me who i am today. Nevertheless, I can feel a change in my self not only academic skill but also helped me shine brighter by grooming my personality and building my confidence
Zaid Zakir (Batch 2018-19)

Leadership is a quality that always existed in me but was polished immensely since I became the head girl of WAHAJ HUSSAIN’S SCHOOL SYSTEM. Fiesta entre casas was just one way of embellishing my qualities as a head girl, organizing such a diverse event was definitely challenging yet aspiring. Choosing WHSS was a straightforward decision as I was promised a constructive academic help with finest teachers in town but what I attained was much more than that,character building in students through various platforms provided by the school made me realize my skills. From winning an inter school Declamation contest to owning the prestigious position of the head girl of the school, I improved excessively. Learning to fulfill my promises and being a source of inspiration for many juniors who look still look up to me will always be my biggest achievement. I couldn’t thank my teacher’s, admin and sir wahaj himself for supporting and believing in their students!
Mahnoor Fatima (Batch 2019-20)

Being the deputy head girl of WHSS for the year 2020-21 made me unleash my true potential and use my abilities to lead coherently. The school, by initiating events like the “Fiesta entre casas” helped me in providing a platform for using my leadership skills and organise the event. Amidst the pandemic, it was a rollercoaster ride for all the students but whss was successful in supporting us to cope up with our mental health and normalise the new pandemic life so that we continue to focus on the core essence of learning with curiosity.
Mishal Fatima Batch (2019-Current)

I have been studying at WHSS since 3 years and WHSS is a great experience for me. I improved a lot here, in a sense that I groomed my personal development skills. All the teachers here worked individually on my personality and my academics. After receiving so much encouragement, motivation, assistance, advice and guidance from all my peers and teachers, I became the Head Boy of session 2020-21. As being the head boy of WHSS, my school provided me all the great opportunities to lead the events and few management areas which I personally think helped me so much to think as a leader. WHSS is very well rounded, students are given opportunities to participate in multiple curricular and extra-curricular activities which really help them alleviate their skills. Not only this, but WHSS always keeps the students occupied and help them got a head start on a successful career. Lastly, I really appreciate my teachers, staff and my classmates for always helping me to boost up my morale.
M. Shaheer Khan (Batch 2018-20)