Addmission OPen
Admission overview


WAHAJ HUSSAIN’S School System (WHSS) offers admission in all classes from Pre- Nursery till A-Levels in both science and commerce subjects based on three campuses.  Admissions are accepted through a comprehensive process which includes certain requirements of age, basic knowledge of subjects in class admission sought for and attitude towards studies.


 WHSS follows a simple admission policy. Parents and students are welcome to contact us through any of their preferred medium like telephone, email, and letter or visit our Admin Offices in any of our campuses. But using “Online Admission Form” is much preferable as students can be guided in much candid and sincere way because of the available information.


 Once receiving admission application forms, our priority is to produce swift response to inform applicant through an SMS/call/letter regarding status of applications and further processes like test and interview dates and timings.


 We do not judge our students solely on the basis of their grades and results but there are comprehensive questions too in our test form. Those questions are designed in such a way that they give clear reflection of the attitude, personality and positivity of the child. Students have opportunity to explain their-selves as a productive contribution to WHSS even if they do not possess excellent grades. We promote students to acknowledge their unique qualities and assist in exploring them. But there are certain traits which every member of our system should hold: 


  1. Positive attitude towards the society
  2. Hard working nature
  3. Specific goals in life
  4. Responsible and respectful to the teachers, fellow mates and others.
  5. Represent WHSS with firmness and integrity
  6. Participate in extracurricular activities


WHSS offers scholarships from 50% to 100% tuition fee waiver in AS and A2-levels on the basis of CIE grades. 

The School starts receiving applications for admissions from O1 till A2 Levels at different time schedules. Early admission schedule for O1, O2 O3, AS and A2 level class starts from January 15 till February 28. Second Phase of admission schedule for O1 and O2 level classes starts from April to July, while for O3, AS and A2 level classes it opens in June and July onlyFinal phase of admissions for O3, AS and A2 level classes starts from August 12, 2014 till September 15, 2014. In this phase A2 level admission are subject to availability of seats.

**Students are required to choose a pre-defined group of subjects.