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Academic Award System



Our reward system is based on pure intention of motivating our students and enhancing their abilities by rewarding their efforts.

Under our reward system, certificates, shields of achievement, and laptops are distributed among students, not only on the academic basis but also in many categories of extracurricular activities.

The winners are motivated to perform even better in the next examinations and participate in extracurricular activities with more energy. The rest can draw inspiration from them.

Following are the criteria to get awards:

Academic Rewards:

Academic awards are given in all four (4) exams, from first term till Mock/Final examinations.

Students are awarded certificatesshields and laptops in this category.


Students from rank fourth (4th) till rank tenth (10th) with minimum “B” grades are awarded Certificate of Performance in every individual subject.


Students from rank first (1st) till rank third (3rd) with minimum “B” grades are awarded Shield of Achievement in every individual subject.


On the basis of WHSS ranking system which includes results from all four examinations and CIE examinations, top students are selected to award Laptops annually. WHSS Ranking system consists of weighted average method which has equal 50% weight from both WHSS internal examination results and CAIE grades.


Co and Extracurricular Awards:

Beside encouraging students to get good grades to achieve awards in academics, WHSS promotes healthy competition among students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. This not only helps students to make their mind and body fresh to grasp the knowledge imparting through classrooms, but also develop a refined personality.


The categories for awards and certificates consist of Welcome Party, Eid Milad un Nabi, Debate,MUNS, leadership conferences and seminars, tournaments of Football, Cricket, throw ball, volleyball, futsal, table tennis etc and competitions of Raft Regatta, Water Rocket, Singing, Drama and Treasure Hunt etc.


Furthermore, awards are also given to members of Students Council and Security Council, Head Boys and Head Girls, Dy. Head Boys and Dy. Head Girls who actively participate with WHSS management in organizing Elections and Sports Week and other events.


Students are awarded Certificate of Participation on becoming a part of every individual event.


Winning Teams and students with special performances are awarded Shield of Achievement



On the basis of a very special performance, top student(s) are selected to award Laptops annually.