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Societies at WHSS

Student operated and managed societies play vital role in any prestigious institutions. The Students’ Society System of WHSS has been prepared with the objectives of developing public speaking, leadership and communication skills among the students. These Societies are governed by Manager under the shadow of Patrons which guide and advise them about the activities WHSS Societies are


Brand Identity:            Cicero

Generic Name:            Public speaking


After Marcus Tillius Cicero, widely considered one of Rome’s greatest orators and prose stylists. This society is involved in participation, planning and execution of events such as MUN, declamation, parliamentary debate, cross fire debate, and other public speaking competitions. So if you have a fear of public speaking, and you want to overcome it, this society is for you.



Brand Identity:            Tolstoy

Generic Name:            Literary Society


Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. Time compiled a list of the greatest literary work in the world, in the top ten, Leo Tolstoy lead all the rest.  All the literary works such as essay writing events on special occasions such as Independence Day, Declamation, school newsletter, poetry competition, etc. will be organized from the platform of this society.



Brand Identity:            Bolt

Generic Name:            Sports Society


After Usain Bolt due to his unprecedented dominance and achievements in sprint competition and because athletics are considered as the original sport competitions, additionally, Bolt symbolizes positive energy and high endurance. This society aims to increase participation of students in sports activities. Participating in sports activities enhances one’s mood, reduces stress and boosts self-confidence.


Brand Identity:            Euclid

Generic Name:            Science and math society


Euclid is the Anglicized version of a Greek name which means “renowned, glorious”. Euclid lived around 300BC and is considered as the father of geometry, and ranked among the greatest mathematicians of all time. This society will incorporate the vast field of science and carry aspects from Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science. Special quizzes, research and competition projects will be undertaken.


 Brand Identity:            Senses


Generic Name:            Art and culture society


One network of creativity and imagination where the  human genius is witnessed. This society aims to harness the talent of an individual and transform it in art. If you want to sing, dance, act, sketch, draw, paint- this society is what you need.


Brand Identity:            Mankind

Generic Name:            Welfare & Community Service Society


Developing the community at a micro level. The society will plan and engage the students in activities which will truly redefine the students in next generation. If you have empathy for others and you want to learn how you can make a difference, you will be participating and organize campaigns in order to help the one less privileged by participating in internship at AKUH or SIUT, community service at a TCF project, and many more.