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History / Milestones


 O/A Levels and Aptitude Test Preparation

Hence, our areas of expertise have been O and A levels, aptitude test preparation for business schools mainly LUMS, IBA, CBM, SZABIST etc, engineering universities (ECAT) mainly NED, NUST, GIKI, MEHRAN, UET etc and medical universities (MCAT) mainly Aga Khan, DMC, SMC etc and apart of these local universities, we have been providing preparatory classes for SAT, GMAT and GRE.


Every year hundreds of students qualified the aptitude tests in various universities and besides, our institute got much acclaim for creating top graders in the field of O and A levels in the form of straight As and two world positions in CIE. Since WH was only a private institute of coaching at that time, hence all the plaudits of our efforts went to schools where students were registered. 


In addition to above achievements, our aptitude test preparation has produced hundreds of students who are either graduated from or studying in various business schools, engineering universities and medical colleges  including LUMS, IBA, AGA KHAN, DUHS, FAST, GIKI, NUST etc. We devised many preparatory materials and shortcut techniques to crack the aptitude test and students have benefited immensely.


Launch of Morning Program for private students

In order to address the needs of the students going private, we launched our MORNING PROGRAM in Aug`2011 as hybrid program so that students get complete solutions. Morning Program is run as full time normal schooling in such a way that warrants absolutely no tuitions. This leads to saving both time and energy for parents who bear the brunt of sub-standard schooling and over-dependence on tuition. Now the students can utilize their evening in more productive way rather than rushing towards tuition centre to get coached by renowned faculty of O/A levels as we have hired these people in the morning with extended classes and focused teaching. 


First year of Morning Program (Aug 2011 - May 2012)


  • The first year produced splendid results as most of students came out with flying colours and many of whom got straight As, which was very motivating for our team of instructors and administration that we could actually produce what we aimed at.
  • This was made possible only through inspirational teaching by our teachers and a system in place which assured that every student’s needs or academic deficiency can be addressed in time. 
  • This was a year of WAHAJ HUSSAIN’S history which provided a platform for future road map as we learnt how to provide the preparation along with complete syllabi only in the morning classes with somewhat simulated version of tuitions calling it a hybrid program.  
  • Made a full-fledged four term examinations an integral part of system which majorly contributed to the emergence of this result-oriented mindset even in the mediocre students.
  • A successful ranking system
  • A reward system on the basis of ranking system where students’ efforts are acknowledged on term examination basis and mock examination basis where shields and certificates were distributed. 
  • Laptops for the outstanding students- On the basis of their CIE result, five students were selected for laptops, so that they could drive further motivation in their future studies without knowing that this act would become a trend in the upcoming session.


Second year of Morning Program (Aug 2012-2013)




  • We opened another campus for Morning Program in the name of Gulshan Campus 2 (GC-2) and we offered the programs at both Jauhar and GC2 getting more than double the number of students reflecting the trust of parents and students in the emerging system despite the fact that the school was not even registered at the start of session. 
  • The second year brought a change in our strategic direction as we made effort for school registration but got that after the cut-off date for CIE registration hence students had to go for the examinations once again as private candidates. 
  •  Second year stabilized our A levels Program at both science and commerce streams. 



 WHSS became CIE registered school


  • Got registered with Government of Sindh as school for O/A levels and applied for CIE registration and got it in the month of February which is a big success for the entire school administration. 
  • Got tremendous result in CIE and our students made us proud by living up to our expectations and our efforts bore fruits. 65% of our students got grades A*,A or B which showed the maturity of our system which is totally devoid of tuition culture. 
  • Psychometric testing by IBA’s IGNITES inside IBA and personality assessment by the top psychologists which helped in the career path determinations of WAHAJ HUSSAIN’S students. This was the part of CCSP department of WHSS. 
  • Top 20 students were awarded laptops for their extra-ordinary achievement in CIE and bringing laurels for WHSS. They were selected on the basis of their performance in our four internal term examination including mock and CIE results. One student got the laptop for extra-curricular activity.


Inauguration of A level College Campus (WHALES College)


The highlight of the year was the establishment of A level College Campus (Whales College) in Gulshan block 7 thereby making Gulshan Campus as O level campus. Operations became easier to handle by this segregation and college students got exclusive ambience which they aspired even the previous year. Third year of Morning Program (Aug 2013-2014)


  • Sports department became active and teams were prepared to participate in various competitions involving schools. We even hired separate coaches for cricket and football and our school got good exposure in the sports arena. Our table tennis team won some inter-school competitions displaying the talent and skills our school has. 
  • Students wore uniform of WHSS for the first year which was an absolute departure from the earlier two years practice. 
  • A well-organized student’s week where students were given the opportunity to come out with their own ideas for the event and they came out brilliant ideas which were implemented by students assisted by the administration. The major features were: The crazy day, sports day, carnival and finally the raft regatta. The entire week of campxotica, as it was named had an indelible impact on the students mind. 
  • At the time of writing this, results are yet to come out.